Sports-themed restaurant offering a unique style of pizza with the meat and vegetables atop the cheese. Also serves other family-restaurant fare such as wings, pasta and sandwiches. 194A Chain Lake Dr.: 450-0450. Granville Mall, 1858 Granville St.: 422-8600.

Italian-American favourites like pizza and hearty pasta make Freeman’s a favourite spot for a late-night nosh. On a 1997 visit, comedian Bill Cosby said Freeman’s had “the best pizza in town.” Open daily, 11am to 5am. Offers online ordering. 6092 Quinpool Rd. 429-0241.

Intimate new spot specializing in pizza, prepared in a wood-fired oven. Varieties include caramelized pineapple with shaved Canadian bacon; mushroom, brie and truffle oil, plus more. The wine list is short but well chosen, including selections from Nova Scotia’s Jost Vineyards. Open Tuesday to Sunday. 5212 Morris St. 444-7663.

Gourmet pizza creations include Vongole (with clams), Diavola (hot salami) and Pollo (roasted tomato, chicken, goat cheese). Also offers a selection of pasta and salads. Open Monday to Wednesday, 11:30am to 10pm; Thursday to Saturday, until 11pm). Bishop’s Landing, 1477 Lower Water St. 423-6266.

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