Family Dining

Specializes in breakfast. Bright, cheery spot offering creative hearty dishes with lots of fresh fruit and specialties such as crepes, French toast, waffles and eggs prepared almost every way imaginable. Elaborate skillet and fruit dishes. Also serves lunch, with salads, sandwiches, burgers and more. Open Monday to Saturday, 6am to 3pm; Sunday, 7am to 3pm. Lunch served from 11am until closing. 1535 Dresden Row: 490-2672. 287 Lacewood Dr.: 457-2672. 1475 Bedford Hwy., Unit 17, Bedford: 832-5252. 644 Portland St., Dartmouth: 433-0079.

American-Italian favourites such as linguine chicken tettrazini and rotisserie chicken. All entrŽes served with unlimited soup or salad and fresh garlic home loaf. Bayers Lake Business Park: 450-1311. Mic Mac Mall: 460-3800.

An off-the-wall atmosphere sets this fun, informal spot apart. Enjoy sizzling fajitas, grilled steaks, pasta and homemade hearth-baked thin-crust pizzas while being entertained by the liveliest staff in the business. Kitchen open until midnight. Open Monday to Thursday, 11am to 1am; Friday and Saturday to 2am; Sunday to midnight. 184 Chain Lake Dr.: 450-1370. Dartmouth Crossing, 107 Shubie Dr., Dartmouth:

Homemade cooking in a diner atmosphere. Offers an extensive menu featuring seafood, pizza, pasta, steaks, meatloaf and corned beef hash. Plenty of free parking. Breakfast is served daily from 7:30am and features a cookhouse special for $4.75. 3644 Kempt Rd. 453-0236.

Upscale family dining. Create your own unique stir-fry with 17 garden fresh vegetables, chicken, beef, pork, seafood and 18 made-from scratch sauces. All ingredients with no MSG or trans-fat. Open 11am to 10pm. 1645 Granville St. 406-4004.


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