Nocturne Art At Night 2009

14 Oct

n20752711021_3538 Nocturne: Art at Night is a festival bringing art and energy to the streets of Halifax between 6:00 p.m. and midnight on Saturday, October 17th, 2009. The completely free, second annual event showcases and celebrates the exciting arts scene in Halifax.

The Nocturne programme, map, bus, and walking tours guide residents and visitors alike to a variety of exhibitions in galleries and public spaces throughout the city. The signature event, designed and planned by volunteers within the community, is an opportunity for everyone to experience the art of Halifax – in a whole new light.

Contact Info




Halifax, NS

Recent News

Programs are now available as a PDF download on the website and hitting Halifax this week!

32 Galleries, 39 Independent Projects + 6 Spotlights = a lot to see on Oct. 17th.

Don’t forget to rsvp to Nocturne 2009 – our event page also has links to some of the exhibitions and performances for the night.



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